W.O.S.A - Women of Sovereign Authority

A Int'l Support Network for all Women. (M.O.S.A In Action, K.O.S.A Included)


Governing Apostle Blossom Brackman

Gov. Apostle Blossom Brackman is the Chairman of the Congressional Women of Sovereign Authority - Washington DC also known as “W.O.S.A” with a prophetic vision to enable men and women to stand together in unity and love. One Nation under God.

Apostle Blossom understands the issues of the political and spiritual arenas internationally and in the United States of America. She makes strong stands against policies that remove God from our nation. She is known as a woman that works with all denominations to bring unity.

Apostle Blossom is qualified for the leadership seat of the Congressional Women of Sovereign Authority. Her passion as a woman of deep faith and trust in God is contagious. It has taken her to the nation, the streets, all the way to Capitol Hill and in addition to the land of Israel whereby she was commission by the Co-Chairman, Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, Dr.Yuri Shtern and the Senior Depty Mayor of   Jerusalem Yigal Amedi, Executive Director Eagle wings Rev. Robert Stearns as a watchman on the wall. She is an inspirational sought after speaker for seminars, International and local special events and conferences.

Her resume is impressive; Deputy Prayer Warrior for the Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington DC.  Vice- President Elect for the United States of American for the 2016 Election,  she was also awarded by Ambassador Clyde Rivers  of the United Nations the "Ambassador Golden Rule Award". Street ministry, associate pastor, pastor, biblical counselor, teacher, television and radio host, national motivational speaker and author are just a few of her accomplishments. She is known for her expressive insight as she delivers inspirational messages of hope, she is a champion that amplifies the voices of women, she elevates others to expect their best to break destructive behaviors by teaching identity acceptance by empowering them to become successful leaders in order to impact the world through their family, community and the nations and to ultimately fulfill their given purpose and destiny

Governing Apostle Accomplishments include: Overseer and mentor for multiple International and local ministries and organizations she is Fueled by her passion and by the vision God has given her, she cheerleads her audience toward becoming world changers while teaching by example how to soar upon the winds and live a life of love and freedom.


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